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Stubby Cooler

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XXXX beer was introduced in 1924. That's right 100 years of sud production!!!

Desh Goat Depot proudly presents it's PREMIUM CAN / STUBBY COOLERS ...now with WITH NON SLIP BASE!!!

These most popular stubby holders are made from top quality thickish neoprene (wetsuit material) ...with new and improved squeeze factor.

The rubber non-slip base passed with flying colours when put through rigorous testing on Ben's boat during a storm and squirts of fairy liquid.

Each Goat Cooler is adorned with original Goat Depot art.

These are 100% made in 'straya maaaaatte!

345ml ...355ml and 375ml cans and stubbies fit like a glove especially XXXX Gold mangoes ...VB, Carlton Draught, James Squires, Corona, Pure Blonde and Coopers ...and will tolerate craft stuff.

The Premium Stubby Holder seams are joined with high tensile strength glue and heat seal tape to provide a clean, neat finish. Guaranteed to last another 100yrs.

Our Premium Stubby Holders are 100% printed and manufactured in our factory in Hobart, Tasmania. Support Australian jobs by buying Australian products why don't ye? ...you've changed.