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Goose's Ride

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1981 the Winter of that year Mad Max 1 was screening on telly. Too terrified to watch ...but too terrified to miss the action we were transfixed by the film. Myself and my four brothers studied every line of dialogue, every gesture and nuanced performance.

The opening car chase like no other ...heighten because the landscape could've been 'just down the road'.

The first we see of 'Jim Goose' he's in a dirty roadhouse 'Fat Nancy's' recounting a horrific automobile smash story to his fellow diner. 'Give it 'ere' Jim says as his friend is unable to eat.

Suddenly the deep growl of super charged V8's barrell by and 'The Goose' is let loose. His Kawasaki 1000 Z explodes into the fray.

The Goose loved fast food, fast women and Max. His one liners rendered as sacred script forever more.

Ride fast Goose we salute you.

We are proud to present this beautifully soft 100% AS Colour® cotton tee ...it's wonderfully comfy with a great modern cut. The tee has an excellent shape and boasts a tough double needle bottom hem & sleeves. At 180gsm the tee is not too heavy and not too light it's bang on.

Importantly the pure cotton is pre-shrunk to minimise shrinkage. Just chuck it in the wash and let the machine do the work!

Check out your best fit using the helpful chart below.


Body Width (cm)

Body Length (cm)
2XL 64 83.5
3XL 68 85
4XL 75 87
5XL 80 89

How to Measure:

  • Lay an existing t-shirt flat.
  • Body Width: Measure 3cm below armpit, from one side to the other.
  • Body Length: Measure from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the t-shirt.